AN-WTS - Wind and temperature correction


Temperature correctionAN-WTS is developed to reduce false alarms in case of heavy wind and significant drop of temperature in the winter.

Wind speed measurement and temperature measurement can be done with combination of WTS307 and WSM101/reed devices. Temperature sensor compensates some degradation of sensitivity of the sensor cable at low temperature. On the other hand, there are problems with false alarms at high wind speed. Therefore WTS307 and WSM101/reed compensate (decrease) the sensitivity of AN306/AN307 device at high wind speed. WTS307 is a small piggyback device installed inside AN306/AN307 device. Once inserted into the AN306 device, it automatically measures temperature.


WMS101 windThis device has two additional inputs, one is for connecting anemometer WSM101/reed, the other is auxiliary for future use. WSM101/reed anemometer is easy to install, wind speed measurement device with reed contact output. It can measure wind up to 55,0 m/s. WSM101/reed should be mounted near AN307 device on a pipe with 27 mm outside diameter. The sensor consists of a plastic body and the head of the sensor with stainless steel ball bearings and anemometer.

AN307 and AN307COM have built in temperature sensor and therefore for only temperature compensation AN-WTS are not needed.



  • WTS307 inputs: 2
  • WTS307 temperature sensor range: from -40C to +70C
  • WSM101/reed max. wind speed: 55,0 m/s
  • WSM101/reed pole diameter: Ø27mm
  • Power supply: from AN307/AN306 board



# Name Description Link
1 Quick manual v1.5.1 Wind and Temperature sensor for AN-307 and AN-306 Download