K307 - Connect several AN307COM


A K307 is used for connection of several AN307COM devices to the integrated system. K307 is, in the first place, converter from RS485 to RS232 hardware protocol. If the PC computer does not have RS232 terminal, the conventional USB/RS232 converter can be used to connect K307 to USB. RS485 is galvanic isolated from the rest of the terminals (RS232, power supply and relays outputs).

K307 Converter



Power supply and RS485 communication are transmitted by cable to each AN307COM device. It is recommended that for RS485 communication twisted pair cable is used. Also it is recommended, that this cable is shielded. If the length of RS485 line is more than 3 km, additional RS485 repeater (for example R307) should be used.

Up to 254 AN307COM devices can be connected to one Guard Software.

Wiring K037



  • Working temperature: from -10C to +60C
  • Supply voltage: from 7.0 VDC to 24.0 VDC
  • Power consumption: less than 1 W
  • Dimensions: 149 mm x 80 mm x 32 mm
  • RS485 terminal with A,B and S (shield)
  • Galvanic isolated RS485 terminals
  • RS232 connection (can be converted to USB by RS232/USB converter)
  • Additional relay output for general alarm (NC)
  • Additional relay output for software operation state (NC)


# Name Description Link
1 K307 Manual Windows v1.06 RS485 & Software Maintenance K307 Download