Guard AN307 Software


A Perimeter Guard AN307 Software is used for connection of several AN307COM devices to the integrated system. AN307COM devices are connected to the system with RS485 two wire standard. Currently there are two solutions to terminate RS485 communication: through K307 device or through UDS1100 device(s) (manufactured by Lantronix). If RS485 communication can be brought close to the PC computer, where Guard Software is running, then K307 can be used. In case that RS485 can not be directly brought to the PC computer, one or several UDS1100 can be used.

Guard Software



# Name Description Link
1 Setup Guard AN307 V3.04 Perimeter Guard AN307 Software V3.04 Download 
1 Setup Guard AN307 V3.02 Perimeter Guard AN307 Software V3.02 Download 
4 Guard Software Manual Perimeter Guard AN307 Software Manual V1.22 Download